Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh no we cant escape school!

its the friday before school and I am reminded how much I am dreading going back to school! Ross's kids came back to school yesterday and he said they will be a good, social class. i have been working all week and adjusting to actually having a schedule! This summer was awesome! it was so great to spend time in Oregon and enjoy the beauties of that place. we went to the beach and crater lake (which were amazing!!) and sampled the local restaurants and bakeries. out trip up to the san juan islands with my parents was amazing and now its all over!!! but such is life! haha. we are now all situated and loving aggie village. its nice to have a place of our own and able to have our own stuff! so we are officially settling into married life and really enjoying it. i wanted to try and post some pictures from this summer so we will see how it goes!!