Monday, April 23, 2012


Today is a great day!  Erin is having baby P as I type!!  A new nephew for me! We are pretty excited for them and to meet our new red-headed baby!  I wanted to post some pictures of my trip with my mom to see the other babies (or not so babies) at Penn State.

March was a really tough month for me at work,  there was a lot of late nights and stress!  So the last week of March my mom and I had scheduled a trip to visit Jake and Jen in State College PA.  It was a welcome break from work!  It was also a chance for me to meet Autumn for the first time.  Here are some pictures from our trip out to PA....

 "Nucle Ross" sent over some big books on space that Hudson LOVED!  We had to read them over and over!

We have family pictures and it took FOREVER  so Ellie and Hudson and I were running around JC Penny's.  It was so much fun and everyone gave us dirty looks but they were entertained.  
 I had to get as many pictures of my mom with the kids since she is never in pictures!
 Ellie and Autumn in their Easter dresses,  they looked soooo cute!!

 Hudson did such a great job at taking pictures!  He has always been one to have his picture taken!  
 Autumn smiling! It was pretty exciting,  notice the pop rocks in the background,  last time we gave Hudson pop rocks he cried,  so we wanted to test it out again and they loved them.  Haha it was pretty funny.
 Duck chasing was one of my favorite moments.  I was freezing but it was so funny watching them chase those ducks around,  I was laughing the whole time

We also had to make a trek to Hersey PA (which is actually called Dery! Its not even really named Hersey) and go to Chocolate world.  It was crazy and there were kids everywhere but we had fun on the ride teaching us about the chocolate making process.   There was a really cool tour all about Mr. Hersey and what a totally awesome guy he was, it was really inspiring and made for good convo on the way home. 

 I was diligently trying to record everything for the scavenger hunt so the kids could get the prize...and the people didn't even check it!  But at least the kids got their prizes
 Watching Tangled with gram while waiting for mom and dad to get home,  we had an Easter egg hunt from my dad, it was sooo much fun hiding the eggs from the kids and the parents.

 This is the day we left,  such a sad day!  But we were glad to know we would see them really soon.  I am excited because I feel completely in love with this little one,  all I wanted to do was kiss and love on her!

 The week after I got back we had the good fortune of Ross having spring break and going to St. George.  The weather was lovely and we enjoyed some time in Kolob and some coconut cupcakes from 25 main.  Sadly I was sick the whole time so there was also a lot of sleeping but it was a great week spent together anyway!

We were so surprised at the beauty of Kolob.  It was a great place to spend some time and do some hiking