Monday, May 23, 2011


Ok so one of the main reasons why I took so long to post was my new found addiction to a certain web site introduced to me by a coworker… I am now looking for a pintrest anonymous aka P.A. cuz I need one! This site is so great! It is a bunch of people posting things that are interesting or things they like. There are cool pictures and good ideas, there are funny signs and beautiful things. There are tutorials and great recipes. Well I am all full of crafting zeal now! I have to many great ideas that I am bursting to try out. Instead of spending my time at work updating my blog I spend it searching for interesting things….ugh. well all I can say is I am glad I didn’t come upon this before I finished school because it would have been even harder to concentrate on homework! But keep in mind you have no control over the content and there are some stupid things people post (of course a good thing is always spoiled) but I had to post some of my faves that I have found. I am sure this will become a frequent post since pintrest is like internet crack to me now.
so, so true

haha hello college?? totally sums up pintrest!!

Shout out to Jake and Jen

hear hear!

this makes me think of Ross

i am in love with this. i makes me laugh every time i see it! someone is very clever

this one is for my mom. the caption said cat storage. :) i want a cat so bad it hurts and this web site has made it worse! (if that is possible)


this reminds me of Ross

i have a new found love of buttons! i want to a) raid my mom's and grandma's button collection and b) try this!

GBH I miss you

this one i HAD to post cuz it totally reminds me of my mom (especially the last bit)

totally want to do this

sheep made out of cauliflower! so clever

hahahhahha i LOVE this! i hope i have a kid with big cheeks so we can do this someday

stinkin cats! i want one!

hahahahaha i love love love this one! so true and makes me think of my wee bro sam every time. it says "sometime in your life you'd wish you were british and no one really knows why that is"

k--i totally cant wait to have a girl who loves dress up and we can do this. its so cute!

this one was in honor of mom and Katie at work....he he he he

Moving On, Moving Up

Wow I have been terrible at updating my blog lately! It has been a crazy few weeks!!! First off I graduated! Whaaaa???? Me finally graduating? Who whoulda thought it would finally come! It was a stressful week because we I spent most of the week, while not working or doing my TA job, packing and moving all our boxes of stuff. Saturday was the day we were to move all our big stuff with the help of dad’s trailer and many hands (therefore making light work, haha). So by Saturday I was pretty beat but Friday night we had the help of Megan and some big cowboys to move some stuff so we were able to sleep in our new apartment in Smithfield. Saturday started off with the tradition of walking from the A to the Spectrum for commencement. I didn’t want to go to commencement so I just walked the other way, but it was so wonderful to see Ross and Megan cheering me on from the side as I walked with all my fellow graduates. I didn’t think I would care about it but I actually really loved participating in the tradition. It was also great to see my old stilts roomies! It seems crazy to think that we all graduated, and that we all ran into each other while we were waiting to walk…it was a pretty great moment!

all the roomies! i love alica's baby bump! so cute! i had just woken up and driven there so i look terrible next to everyone else who was all ready. it was embarrassing! but totally worth the photo moment

i am just so flattered by this outfit!
Heather was one of my old roomies and we were both in the college of HaSS so we were able to walk together to the spectrum

So then we moved Sam into his new married apt :) and then we moved our furniture. Then it was off to graduation! I was pretty nervous on the drive there! What if I tripped over my beautiful new heels?? That would just be embarrassing! But I didn’t….thank goodness!! The ceremony wasn’t unbearably long and went off without incident. It was a fun day and so great to know that I had accomplished one of the goals I had always set for myself. There are so many people who helped me accomplish it and I am so grateful for all the support. Here are a few pics from the day….

"please dont trip, please dont trip"

"oh no I am getting closer"

"whew, I made it, now I just hope Dr. Damen says my name right!"

"haha i made it!!" this is Dr. Jones and he was so great to me as an undergrad! he helped me so much and inspired me to be a better historian"WHAT?! another incline! dont trip, dont trip"
"sweet I made it!"
The hubby..looking proud I hope. Plus I had to get a pic of the flowers! I am a sucker for roses! Thanks Ross! :)
The parentals...looking proud I hope

The Menlove's! It was so great to have them there and it meant so much to have them, Megan, Sam, the Doutre's and my wee bro Sam and Erin there to support, I felt so loved!
My bosses at the ticket office made me and the other graduates a sign that they posted on the second floor. I was pretty excited to see it! A bunch of random people asked me if i was one of them when we were taking this picture, I thought that was pretty funny
Ever since I was a freshmen in Pine View I saw graduates take pictures next to the bull and it was something on my to-do list. I am glad that we did, i love the pictures!
AWWW they are just so cute!!! I literally could not have accomplished this without their love, support and "donations". Thank you Mom and Dad!!!
Challenge set and matched. woot woot!! :)