Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February has redeemed itself

So for the longest time I have always felt that February was by far the worst month of the year.  Even though  it was the shortest month I have always disliked it.  Its cold and miserable and I always wanted it to be spring.  Plus it had Valentines day in it, which was always just annoying more than anything.  But this February has been so great!!   First I learned how to cut a man's hair (meaning really how to give a buzz).  I had never ever even held a clipper and Ross got this grand idea to buzz his hair one Saturday.  I can promise you I put up a real fight but look who ended up winning in the end..Ross. I had to give him a mohawk first.  He totally reminded me of a Scottish hooligan (aka a NED) and it was creepy and hilarious at the same time. 

 I also realized how great Valentines day is when you are married.  It is a day to celebrate being loved and loving someone without all the expectation and sometimes awkwardness of Vday as a single person.  Ross was so good to me this year!  First came these flowers at work in the morning (side note, when we were engaged over Vday i had to work and the girl working next to me got all this stuff for Vday.  I was just glad to have someone to love that day, but a guy came up to the window and said to the girl with all her stuff right on the counter "oh you must be loved!" then he looked at me and said "oh you must not be".  well the guy was dumb obviously because I knew I was, but it got under my skin.  Grr i was so mad and ever since then have wanted flowers delievered to my work, and Ross sent me TWO bouquets!  I was so excited and felt so special.  It was a wonderful day and a reminder of how lucky I am every day to have such a great husband who always takes care of me.  I am now a Vday convert of 3 years! YAY!!

The first batch.  It has roses, lillies and tulips!  And Ross picked it out himself!  I am so proud

The second one.  I was pretty excited!

I found him a giant card which was pretty awesome because it was giant!! 

Dora is a fan of flowers too! 

February is only half over and I am enjoying it so much.  I can tell its only going to give us more great things and happy memories!  Life truly is wonderful!  The other reason why I am loving February is Ross and I's new "diet"  that cuts out all sugar.  We have only been doing it for a week and I feel so much better!  We had yesterday off and i think both Ross and I ate quite a bit of sugar and we were both so sick yesterday and today!  I have been amazed how much better my body performs during the day without sugar.  It has been tough and there is a lot of saying no to things but it has been pretty great.  I am liking our new life direction....lets hope it pays off for Lake Powell in June!!

Another reason why February has been great was the wedding of my very best friend Darlene last week.  She looked amazing and I was so grateful to be able to see her sealed in the temple.  The spirit was wonderful and I am so grateful that she is happy!  She has been such an amazing friend over the years and I can think of many many ways she has made my life so much better.  I wish I had a better pic of her but  I only had my phone! It was a great day for sure.

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  1. wow! two bouquets in one day- you were one lucky girl. I always tell Jake that he doesn't always have to buy me flowers, but they sure make a girl feel special. :)