Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It was a leap day miracle....

For anyone who watched that 30 rock episode they will know the reference.  I watched the episode about leap day and laughed at them talking about leap day miracles.  But the really funny thing about it was we had one!!  We have been looking to move back to Logan since Ross will start school full time this summer and we have been looking at places all over but we fell in love with the Falls at the Riverwoods.  Well we had been going back and forth about whether to move and then on the 29th I got onto craigslist and they had a crazy deal that for $29 we get the first month's rent, our deposit, and the application fee! That saves us well over one thousand dollars!!  You had to sign up that day and we got a hold of our land lord (also a miracle) and they said they would let us out of our lease one month early!  We are so excited!  We have been moving bits and pieces over the past week and are so ready to be done! UGH!  Working and moving is not fun!  It was hard to tell the YM/YW program in our ward that we were leaving and I am going to miss the girls in the ward!  It really has been a miracle how quick and perfectly it has come together for us and we are so grateful for all the moving help we have received.  I will have to take some pictures once we are moved and settled and I have had a chance to redecorate (my favorite part!!)

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